Intervention in Cases of Violence Against WomenMaster's degrees

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    This Master’s degree is divided into two modules: SPECIFIC AREA (48 ECTS) and CORE AREA (12 ECTS).

    Course syllabus

    • Intervention in gender-based and domestic violence
    • External internships
    • Master’s thesis:
    • Interdisciplinary Social Intervention
    • Specific Professional Tools for Social Intervention *

    Each subject area distributes its ECTS by subjects, as shown in the first table.

    *Note: Each student takes the course according to their background 


    Intervention in Cases of Violence Against Women

    Master’s Final Project


    Intervention in Cases of Violence Against Women

    Master’s Final Project

    Students will be required to prepare and defend a theoretical or empirical project before an examining board. The analysis and research method is required to have been previously approved by the Master’s programme director. You will have the guidance from a tutor specialised in methodology who will help you prepare the scientific content of your work. 

    The Master’s Final Project must comply with the University´s General Regulations and each faculty´s specific requirements. Students will be informed in advance about the process they must follow to apply for the dissertation defence, the copies and/or documents to submit, deadlines, venue, duration and order of presentation.

    Projects will be assessed in compliance with the level of competences achieved during this activity and the tutor´s report will be taken into account, which will also focus on the competences envisaged in the programme. 


    Students will undertake internships in public and private organisations: City Councils, courts, public institutions and associations working with gender violence (attending victims and/or abusers), awareness raising, courses and promotion of equality between men and women.

    A professional from the host centre will give you individual support so that you can gain practical experience and enable you to to apply the skills and knowledge acquired throughout the postgraduate course.

    This Master’s degree programme currently has nearly 20 agreements with partner institutions for internships. The following centres have hosted our student interns in recent years.


    Where are internships held?

    Intervention Women Calendar and timetable



    From September to June.

    See calendar


    Provisional timetables subject to change


    Monday to Thursday: 16:00 to 20:00

    See timetable