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    Why study this Master’s degree?

    About the Master’s degree

    The Master's Degree blends naturally into the past, present and future of the University of Deusto. This Master’s degree is linked to the long history of teaching Urban Studies and City Sciences at the University.

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    designed for

    University graduates motivated to acquire knowledge and skills on the future of cities and their governance, based on a sustainable urban development model


    Practical orientation

    A Master's Degree with a strong practical orientation, which favours employability and professional performance. For this purpose, a KAIA Learning-Research-Action Method is proposed.



    Placements in institutions, companies or social entities, under Educational Cooperation and/or Erasmus Internship agreements



    Course duration: 1 academic year September 2021 - June 2022

    • Campus:

      Bilbao Campus

    • Programme name:

      Governance for Sustainable Urban Development - CITY 2030

    • Duration/credits:

      1 year - 60 ECTS

    • Language


    • Programme type

      On campus

    • Application process:

      Not offered for the 2022-2023 academic year

    • Additional information:

      Not offered for the 2022-2023 academic year

    • Faculty:

      Social and Human Sciences
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    Governance for Sustainable Urban Development

    Professionals trained to intervene in emerging projects in cities and territories

    Who is the programme designed for?

    In a rapidly global urbanisation process, the demand for professionals with specific training in Urban Studies and/or City Sciences is becoming more and more explicit. This is a great attraction for students seeking to specialise, as well as for professionals seeking to update their knowledge from an innovative and multidisciplinary approach.

    These are transversal, emerging and necessary programmes, oriented towards the management of cities from the institutions as well as from the different sectors that make up urban societies.

    They address issues that cover contents and competences from very diverse and topical fields of study, e.g. housing, mobility, citizen safety, city diplomacy, governance and participation, social innovation, creative cities, application of ICTs in the city, etc.

    This Master’s degree aims to meet the demand for professionals with a transversal, integrating profile, and a global vision of the city and territory. Professionals who facilitate collaborative governance within the entity itself and in relation to the rest of the sectors and actors (institutions, companies, associations and citizens). Professionals trained to intervene in emerging projects in cities and territories.

    The Master’s degree allows access to doctoral programmes and to the preparation of a doctoral thesis in this area of knowledge.

    Prospective students of the Master's degree come from different areas of knowledge, such as: Sociology, Architecture, Engineering, Ecology, Environmental Sciences, Political Sciences, Law, Communication, Business Administration and Management, Philology, Education, Economics, Geography, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, International Relations, History, Philosophy and Health Sciences.


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