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      What does this Master’s degree offer?

      This Master's degree will train you as an automotive engineer who masters both the management and definition of the production environment and the design and manufacture of vehicles and components. In this way, you will acquire solid knowledge in various engineering fields such as:

      • Advanced management and production systems (efficiency improvements)
      • New materials and processes (vehicle lightweighting, reduced fuel consumption, increased safety and comfort)
      • Current and future technologies used in vehicles and types (new propulsion systems, interoperability, emission reductions)
      • Numerical simulation tools used for the design, calculation and manufacture of vehicles and components.



      Dual training

      Based on a simultaneous learning process in the company, university and AIC, facing real challenges and projects


      Deusto - AIC Alliance

      You will use AIC’s facilities, an open innovation centre with more than 30 organisations of six nationalities and 750 automotive professionals


      Key sector

      Spain is the 2nd European vehicle manufacturer and 8th worldwide. The Basque automotive components sector is one of the most competitive and innovative sectors in Spain


      In-house training

      4 months of training in relevant companies in the automotive sector

      • Campus:

        Bilbao Campus

      • Programme name:

        Automotive Design and Manufacturing

      • Duration/credits:

        1 year - 60 ECTS

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      • Programme type

        On campus

      • Application process:

        Application process closed

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        Dual training

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      Automotive component manufacturers (TIER´s) and vehicle assemblers (OEMs) seek continuous improvements in the quality of their products while maximising efficiency of their production processes.

      The 10 keys to the Dual Master's Degree in Automotive Design and Manufacturing


      Extensive experience with the Specialist Diploma in Automotive Engineering as its own qualification, which has been very well received by companies in the sector. This Master's Degree is an enhancement of this programme since it includes dual training as a key and distinctive feature in the teaching of engineering degrees.


      Our teaching model is based on two ideas: Learning by doing and project-based learning. Dual training represents a further step in this direction, because you will be trained with the same equipment and software tools that you will use in your professional life, while at the same time you will do it on the companies' own premises. 


      This Master’s course has been designed to respond to the challenges facing the automotive sector, which can be grouped into three key areas: lightweighting, advanced manufacturing and virtual prototyping. 


      You will gain in-depth knowledge of the sector's technologies with specialist training in the automotive sector.


      You will learn with real challenges from companies and technology centres in the sector


      You will spend 4 months in a company or technology centre, where you will be able to specialise in a thematic area of the automotive industry.


      You will use state-of-the-art technologies. You will combine your studies at the university and the facilities oat AIC, a European centre for accelerating innovation in the automotive sector


      This sector, due to its unique complexity and high competitiveness, together with the high rate of technological change, needs professionals with a multidisciplinary and high-level training. Therefore, they need both technical and project management skills in a highly competitive and globalised market.


      The programme is supported by relevant companies in the sector and
      research and innovation technology centres.


      The University of Deusto has more than 40 years of experience training graduates
      in Engineering.

      The Basque Country, a benchmark in the automotive sector


      The Basque Country, a benchmark in the automotive sector

      The Basque automotive components sector represents almost 50% of the total in Spain and employs more than 38,000 people in the Basque Country

      Admission requirements

      Level B2 in English

      Proof of at least a B2 level in English or the equivalent is required

      Candidates are required to receive a favourable assessment (> 50%) from the Admissions Committee.

      The maximum score is 100 points and assessment of the merits submitted will be made on the basis of the following weighting:

      • The official academic transcript of the qualifications for entry to the Master's programme (40%)
      • To what extent the previous qualifications are related to the Master’s degree field(40%)
      • Proof of the level of English(5%)
      • Previous work/research experience(10%)
      • Letter of Motivation to do this programme(5%)

      Students who do not fulfil the entry requirements for the Master's programme specified in section 4.2 will be duly informed of the competences that the Committee considers necessary to qualify. These courses will not be taught on the Master's programme and will not be shown as postgraduate training on the official transcript.  







      If you are going to study at the University of Deusto, you can benefit from our grant aid. We will give you information about the eligibility criteria and the range of grants promoted by other organisations.


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