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      It contributes to the evolution of health services with a vision for the future.

      Study plan


      Health and social and health care systems

      Acquire an overview of the health system and its complexity from both public and private perspectives: what are its strategic objectives and raison d'être, the main agents that interact in it, the main legislative developments that regulate it, the structures that compose it...


      Health management: key tools, knowledge and skills for efficient management

      You will analyse the essential components of the planning, organisation, management and direction of different healthcare organisations. You will study the main strategic processes of organisations, their key care processes and the main support processes.


      Challenges and future trends in the transformation of the health and social care system

      You will understand the multiple challenges facing health and social care systems today and acquire new knowledge and skills to become an active agent in the process of change and transformation in the sector.


      Internship or Project

      From January to June:

      - If you are working, during the master's degree you will carry out an improvement project supervised by our teaching staff for the company where you work.

      - If you are an inexperienced candidate who is going to do an internship, you will combine the master's degree classes with an internship in a public or private company in the health or social and healthcare sector. 


      Wide variety of pedagogical methods


      The Master's Degree in Healthcare Management is structured in three phases, with a theoretical component that takes place at Deusto Business School's facilities and a practical component that is carried out at collaborating organisations. 

      The methodology used in the theoretical subjects aims at the acquisition of knowledge in the classroom through:

      • Oral presentations
      • Processes of reflective logic
      • Inductive method
      • Appreciative dialogue, involving the participant in discussion and reflection on the subject in question. 



      One of the most differential aspects of this master's degree is the internship in a healthcare organisation, where you will join the management team of an organisation. 

      During the programme you will have the support of a coach assigned by Deusto Business School Health and a tutor assigned by the health organisation where you do your internship.

      These figures will be your references in the master's degree and will play two complementary roles, both contributing to facilitating your learning and performance.

      Exchange in Pau (France)

      Exchange in Pau (France)

      Exchange in Pau (France)

      The programme includes the possibility of a one-week exchange (usually in March) with the Master Management de la Santé - Ecole Universitaire de Management Pau Bayonne (Bayonne campus).

      During this week, students will work on content equivalent to that taught at Deusto Business School but applied to a different healthcare reality. There are options for accommodation in Bayonne managed by the University of Pau. 

      An intermediate level of proficiency in French is required. 

      Calendar and timetable


      Academic calendar:

      - Theoretical training:  From September - June 
      - Practical training: From January to June
      Academic calendar



      Theoretical training: from 16:00 to 20:00
      Practical training: 9:00 to 13:00

      Some of the companies we collaborate with

      Where can you do your internship?

      Final Master's Project

      The Final Master's Project (PFM) is linked to the internship or project that you will carry out during the master's degree. 

      You will prepare a project report and then present and defend your work before the examining board. 


      At the proposal of the organisation, you will develop the proposed project related to the field of health management, strategic planning or monitoring and evaluation of strategies, which you will have to develop in response to the objectives of the programme.


      Academic information



      List of competences of the Master's Degree in Healthcare Management




      Academic regulations

      Maximum number of calls, conditions of permanence, recognition of credits...

      Academic regulations