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      Internship or Project




      Internship in a company in the health sector - 6 months

      Participants who are not working

      • From the beginning of the master's degree, you will combine work placements in health or social and healthcare companies with classroom sessions, so that, thanks to the experience you will gain in the company, the contributions in the classroom will be enriched by the specific experiential context you are living in.
      • You will put into practice almost immediately the knowledge and skills you gain in the classroom.  
      • During the master's degree, you will be supported by a coach assigned by Deusto Business School Health and a tutor assigned by the healthcare organisation where you do your internship.

      Improvement Project

      Participants that are currently working

      • If you are a professional in the health and social sector looking to expand your knowledge in management to enable you to take on positions of management responsibility or lead innovation processes in your organisation, you will carry out an improvement project for the company where you work during the master's degree. 
      • This project will be applicable to the organisation in which you work or any other organisation you consider and will be supervised by the master's lecturers. 


      Some of the companies we collaborate with

      Where can you do your internship?

      Your first step towards a career in the health sector

      Career opportunities

      This Master's degree will allow you to develop your professional career in:

      • Management of organisations providing health and social-health services: Hospitals, Clinics, Primary Care Centres, Nursing Homes, etc.
      • Management in health insurance companies and mutual insurance companies.
      • Consultancy specialising in health and social services
      • Areas of Innovation and Quality in health and social and health care organisations
      • Management in NGOs and Foundations linked to health and social services.

      81% employability rate in the sector (last promotion)

      You will be able to join this network of more than 15,000 alumni and benefit from its services once you have completed your Master's degree

      Deusto Business Alumni

      Career development

      Find everything you need to advance your career. We will assist you in your job search and help you decide what options are best for you and how to make the most of them.

      Take advantage of the synergies and enhance the valuable connections of this broad professional network of more than 7,000 members.

      Keep up to date with the latest trends and news through our events and publications.

      You may be eligible for very competitive conditions thanks to the agreements with Deusto Business Alumni's sponsors and partner companies.