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The Deusto Hall of Residence is a residential centre for males and females at the University of Deusto and owned by the Society of Jesus. It provides full accommodation for students from any university in a safe environment that encourages study and coexistence. It is also:

  • A space to grow and learn tolerance and respect.
  • A home to live the feeling of independence in a family atmosphere.
  • A place where people who do not know each other end up sharing experiences and consolidating bonds that often last a lifetime.

Why stay at a Hall of Residence?

People have the wrong idea that a University Hall of Residence and a residence hall are the same thing. A University Hall of Residence offers university students a learning project complementary to their studies. The aim is to enhance their social, leadership, conflict management, decision-making and negotiation, teamwork, time management skills, among others. And all of this means that students will start working on skills that will be very useful in the job market. Furthermore, a University Hall of Residence encourages participation in the organisation of the centre itself, with representatives elected by students themselves. They are young people from different backgrounds who share much more than just accommodation, they share a life.

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Camino Ugasko, 7.
48014 - Bilbao


944 759 200

What we offer

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What we offer

Enjoying your university experience to the fullest 24 hours a day. The Hall complements students' academic education with activities and workshops related to Faith and Spirituality, Culture, Sport, Environment and Solidarity. Furthermore, in this new stage of their lives, students will receive personal attention and accompaniment in keeping with the Ignatian motto that presides over the centre: Love and Serve.

  • An atmosphere of coexistence and study.
  • Promotion of values
  • An accommodation service that boasts quality facilities.
  • Competence development
  • A more intense and enriching university life

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Facilities and services

We have 270 single rooms for undergraduate students and 32 rooms for postgraduates, lectures, etc... All of them are outward-facing, with ensuite bathrooms, telephone and WiFi. Cleaning is weekly. A complete set of bed linen and towels are provided weekly. The fee includes heating, maintenance, water and electricity services.

Each floor has a bright common room with sofas, a TV set, a fridge and desks available to the students on each floor. Each floor has a laundry, ironing and utility area.

The fee for undergraduate students includes full board, with breakfast, lunch and dinner from Monday to Sunday in the general dining room. Our meals are freshly prepared in our kitchens, with menus that contribute to maintaining a balanced diet.

The Hall of Residence has three study rooms and group work rooms as well as large leisure areas with billiards, table tennis, table football, a TV and vending machines. The range of communal areas and facilities also include two spacious gyms, an assembly hall with piano, an oratory and a fine arts room. You can also print at any time thanks to our online printing service.

Hall members can reserve the full range of sports facilities at the University of Deusto, as well as its Library-CRAI as they are housed in the Deusto Hall of Residence.

Sports facilities

CRAI Library

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Claudia Sanz-Bustillo Alonso

The Deusto Hall of Residence allows you to live the university experience in a unique environment thanks to its attentive and friendly staff and its students, who support each other on a daily basis

Claudia Sanz-Bustillo Alonso

2nd year student, Medicine degree, Madrid

Jaume Pérez Benejam

The time you spend at the Deusto Hall of Residence is a stage of your life like no other; you learn a lot in a very short time and I wouldn't trade it for anything

Jaume Pérez Benejam

2nd year student, Industrial Technology Engineering, Majorca

Maria de Alava Gaboli

For me, the Deusto Hall of Residence is the new big family that will help you grow as a person, learning to live together and where every day is a new opportunity to meet and share

Maria de Alava Gaboli

1st year student, International Relations+Law, Seville

Peru Tolosa Echave

The Deusto Hall of Residence is the perfect place to meet people at the same time as you study. You meet a lot of people you have to live with and that helps you to grow as a person

Peru Tolosa Echave

1st year student, International Relations, Gipuzkoa

Libe Lasa Querejeta

The Deusto Hall of Residence has given me the opportunity to have an incredible educational and social environment

Libe Lasa Querejeta

2nd year student, Business Administration + Deusto Finance Programme, Gipuzkoa

Javier Bernal Romero

At Deusto Hall of Residence, there are many young people eager to share a warm and welcoming space that fosters good coexistence and a study atmosphere.

Javier Bernal Romero

1st MED, Zaragoza




The academic year begins with an initial induction period run by the Deusto Hall of Residence so that new students get to know each other as they become acquainted with their new home. During these three days of busy activity, participants will embrace Hall life, while having fun and playing games.

The Faith and Spirituality area at the Deusto Hall of Residence offers students accompaniment, training and experiences that will help them to get to know the Christian faith better and delve into the spiritual dimension of life. To this end, we have qualified staff as well as a Sunday Mass.

At the Deusto Hall of Residence, we want our students to be socially committed and we encourage them to contribute to building a fairer world through specific actions related to solidarity and volunteering, which they can carry out throughout the year.

One of the objectives of the educational project led by the Deusto Hall of Residence is to make young people more aware, responsible and involved in caring for nature. Therefore, we encourage our Hall members to organise and carry out a variety of activities related to caring for the environment throughout the academic year.

Students participate in cultural events organised by the Deusto Hall of Residence, such as conferences, where leading figures from the social, business and cultural spheres will talk to students. There are also initiatives promoted by students such as the film club, competitions, workshops, the Christmas Concert and themed dinners.

The Deusto Hall of Residence promotes sport through tournaments and sporting activities organised by students themselves, using the resources and sports facilities available to them both at the Deusto Hall of Residence and the University of Deusto.

During the second half of the academic year, the long-awaited awarding of the Hall Band to second-year students takes place. This academic ceremony is held at the University of Deusto’s Ceremonial Hall and is a distinction of excellence for the years spent at the Deusto Hall of Residence. In awarding them, academic results, participation in Hall life and the uptake of the values promoted by the Centre are taken into account.

Belonging to the Deusto Hall of Residence allows students to participate in the extracurricular activities offered by the University of Deusto through Deusto Campus, in addition to those run by the Centre itself.

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Admission process

Exchange, international and postgraduate students


Exchange, international and postgraduate students

Stays may be shorter than the duration of the course. To be eligible for accommodation, you must complete the online booking application form. You will receive an answer in the shortest time possible. Completing the form does not imply that a place has been granted.

The Deusto Hall of Residence offers accommodation and/or facilities for cultural, sports, university and professional events in Bilbao, especially in the summer months. Check our fees.

If you would like further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Frequently asked questions

Yes, during the UD open days, on the days of the University of Deusto degree information sessions or by appointment.

The registration period starts on 16 January and ends in July, depending on the number of places available.

Yes, we have our own car park for the exclusive use of those staying at the Hall and at no additional cost.

Yes, the Hall is open 24 hours a day and there are no restrictions on entry or exit for any of our members.

1 minute from the University of Deusto, a 20 minute-walk to UPV Ingenieros and 30 minutes to UPV Leioa by bus.

Yes, the Deusto Hall of Residence accommodates students from any university.

Yes, fees include all accommodation services, as well as activities, conferences and workshops run by the Centre. Halls of residence are non-profit institutions whose statutes are approved by the universities.

Yes, the Hall of Residence has two laundry areas with washing machines at no extra cost, spaces for hanging out clothes and ironing.

The Hall fee includes breakfast, lunch and dinner from Monday to Sunday.

2022/23 Academic year

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75.36 %UD students


Quality management

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2021/22 Academic year

Summary of results

100 %of objectives achieved

4.22/5Overall satisfaction

95.45 %of indicators met

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