Deusto develops an adapted basketball videogame that puts you, in the shoes of people with functional diversity through virtual reality

adapted basketball video game

15 July 2022

Bilbao Campus

Experiencing first-hand what it is like to live in a wheelchair in order to empathise with people with functional diversity is the aim of the ReVierte programme, the first adapted basketball videogame that 'puts you in the shoes' of those who cannot walk. The researcher Imanol Ceberio, from the Neuro e-Motion team, has developed the BSR-RV game together with David Ramos, which, through virtual reality glasses, helps children to discover the limitations or barriers of those with mobility problems.

This game improves the cognitive, affective and behavioural attitudes of people without functional diversity towards those with functional diversity. In this regard, the programme has meant a transcendental change in the educational community when talking about the fusion between new technologies and the inclusion of people with functional diversity. The following entities have collaborated in its implementation: Bidaideak as the organising entity, Batz Zamudio with its financial support, the Fundación Vital Zuzenak and the InmersiveLab laboratory of the University of Deusto with its technical support, and the Provincial Councils of Biscay and Araba, which have each provided 15 virtual reality glasses.

The first phase of this tool, which has already been tested by nearly 600 schoolchildren between the ages of 8 and 12 from six schools in Biscay (Urdaneta, Escolapios and San Vicente de Paúl) and Araba (Umandi Ikastola, San Viator Ikastetxea and Niño Jesús Ikastetxea), will be carried out - in its second phase - in schools in Gipuzkoa. In this way, a response will be provided to the need for inclusion of people with functional diversity at regional level.

Video of the game.