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A1 - A2 Continuous evaluation

2. Procedure

1. Each euskaltegi or official centre for online Basque language learning must certify that students wishing to provide proof of level A1 or A2 have duly complied with the requirements set out in the Resolution of 4 October 2017 by the Director General of HABE.

2. During the periods designated for this purpose, teaching staff will make use of specific assessment activities in each of the skills required of students enrolled. Said activities and the results will be recorded and saved by the euskaltegis and official online learning centres.

3. Calendar for the specific assessment activities.

  • First period: for assessment of students enrolled in courses held between 1 October 2017 and 30 June 2018.
  • Second period: for assessment of students enrolled in courses held between 1 July and 30 September 2018. 

4. During each of the designated continuous evaluation periods, the euskaltegis and official centres for Basque language learning online will conduct, as a minimum, in addition to the activities they deem necessary, the following assessment activities. These will comply with the assessment criteria and systems set out in the Euskaltegi's curricular project: initial diagnostic assessment, progress assessment- if the duration of the learning process permits- and the final exam.

5. The euskaltegis and official online Basque language learning centres will notify the HABE of the students' attendance as well as the level of competence achieved in the four language skills by the codes for each level, on the dates indicated on the exam calendar.

6. The Director General of HABE must approve the results delivered by each euskaltegi or official online Basque language learning centre for students seeking certificates. In order to proceed to issue and register them, it must be previously ensured that the assessment criteria and procedures set out in the Order of 23 November 2016, Basque Government Councillor on Education, Language Policy and Culture, and the Resolution of 15 October 2017 by the Director General of HABE have been correctly applied.

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