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Terms and conditions of service


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All aspects of your exam registration relating to payment terms, refund, cancellation and transfer are in accordance with the policies set forth below.

Exam registration

To register, you must follow the instructions on the form. This form allows you to correct errors. You must read the information carefully before submitting it. Once you have submitted the form, along with the required supporting documents, you will receive a confirmation within a maximum of 48 working hours.

Once the registration deadline has ended and approximately 2-3 weeks before the written exam, you will receive a document called "Confirmation of Entry". This document contains the times and examination rooms for the different components of an exam, as well as your personal data, candidate number and password you can use to view your mark. It is important that you confirm receipt of this document by email ( or by phone (94 413 92 12).

The Language Centre reserves the right not to accept late registrations once the deadline for the corresponding exam session has ended. If accepted, a late entry fee will be charged.

Exam dates

Exam dates are published on our website and are not subject to change. These dates include the possible dates for the speaking exam. Once you receive the date and time for the exam, changes in the speaking exam times will only be admitted for a duly justified reason and provided that the Language Centre allows.


Payment must be made by bank transfer on the account number specified on the form, or by credit card through the payment gateway available on our website. Registration will not be confirmed until the payment of the corresponding fee has been made at our Centre.
If the payment is not received by the specified deadline, your registration will not be processed and your data will not be sent to Cambridge Assessment English.

The University of Deusto’s Language Centre reserves the right to cancel any exam if a minimum number of 5 candidates is not reached by the registration deadline. If this happens, our Centre will:

  • Register candidates for a later exam sitting or
  • Make a refund of the examination fee.

It is up to each candidate to decide whether to request a refund or register for a later exam sitting.


Special requirements

The Language Centre ensures equal opportunities for all candidates, including people with special requirements. Special arrangements can be made for candidates who have special requirements (e.g. hearing, visual or dyslexia difficulties). You must request so when filling in the registration form. You must also provide relevant proof before the registration deadline.

Refunds and changes

Examination fees can only be refunded if the absence from the examination is due to illness or medical reasons, in which case candidates must provide the relevant medical certificate, and for reasons of force majeure. The latter will be assessed individually. In this case, they will receive an 80% refund of their fee or the registration may be transferred to a future examination session at no extra cost.

Once the registration deadline has ended, you are not allowed to:

  • Transfer an entry to an exam at a different level,
  • Transfer an entry to other people. 

Exam rules

  • On the exam day, you must: arrive 20 minutes before the exam start time.
  • Provide a valid identification card with a recent photograph. Bring pens, pencils, sharpener and erasers. Erasable pens or correction fluid or tape are not allowed.
  • Electronic items are not allowed in the exam room. You must leave mobile phones, smartwatches of any kind, tablets, etc. in a nearby room that will be locked. You must not access these items during any breaks throughout the exam.

Any candidate using a dictionary, audio recording equipment, a mobile phone, or any other electronic material, or breaking the regulations in any other way will be automatically disqualified. In case of incidents, you should address all your comments to the person who supervises the exam immediately after it and also in writing ( within three working days following the corresponding part of the exam.


When you register for one of the above examinations, you give
consent to be photographed on the day of the exam, or consent on behalf of your child or the person for whom you are legally responsible.

Results and certificates

  • Results will be available:
  • Approximately 4-6 weeks after the exam date for paper-based exams;
  • Approximately 2 weeks after the exam date for computer-based exams.·

You will receive your access details and the date of publication of the results in your Confirmation of Entry and Timetable document. Please note that information about exam results is not provided by phone.

Examinations are corrected in Cambridge and are not made available to candidates or to examining centres. All available information is published in the "Statement of Results". Questions about results should be addressed directly to the email within the deadlines indicated in the Confirmation of Entry.

There are two phases in the revision of results:

STAGE I- A full clerical recheck of the grade obtained by a candidate (this stage is compulsory before going onto the second phase).

STAGE II- A full re-mark of all papers, except the Speaking Test.
The fees for this service are available on our website. If the mark obtained is changed, the fee paid will be refunded to you.

Certificates will be available approximately within 6 weeks from the publication of the results for paper-based exams and 3 weeks from the publication of the results for computer-based exams. The Language Centre’s office will notify candidates of the receipt of certificates, which must be collected at the centre by the candidate.

Responsibility of the examining centre

The Language Centre, as an examining centre, will take all reasonable measures to guarantee the continuity of the service. However, this centre cannot be held responsible for any irregular operation of the service due to events beyond its control. In case of delays, interruptions or cancellation of exams, or delays in the publication of the results due to causes beyond the organisers' control, we will do everything possible to resume normal operation as soon as possible. In the cases mentioned above, the refund policy will be determined by the Language Centre.


Data protection – Cambridge exams

Purpose for processing your personal data

1.To manage the Cambridge English exam, including: a) registration process and fee payment b)exam sitting organisation and c) communicate with candidates or a parent or legal guardian in the case of minor candidates, on issues related to the exam for which they are registered. Personal data will be stored for this purpose for five years.

2.To make arrangement for examinations for candidates with special requirements or provide special conditions for the completion of the examination, when necessary. The candidate, or the parent / legal guardian of the minor, who wishes to request these special requirements must provide medical evidence that demonstrates the candidate’s specific need to allow us to adapt the examination to optimal conditions to take it. We will store this information only until the exam results are published.

3. We can also use your personal data to conduct satisfaction surveys on the exam taken in order to know our customers’ needs.

Lawful basis for processing your personal data

The lawful basis for the processing of data related to exam management and to the communications about this service is the development of the Cambridge English exam, in accordance with our Terms and Conditions. Failure to provide any requested personal data may affect the development of the exam.

The legal basis for the processing of medical information related to the adaptation of the exam to meet the candidate’s specific requirements is the consent given by the candidate or a parent or legal guardian in the case of minors.

Preparation Centre

If your centre is one of our partner Preparation Centres us or you wish to become one, you may apply directly from here. If you have any queries, contact our CEM at


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