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Normas para el examen

What should you know about the written exam?

Before the exam

  • Make sure you take a pen, a pencil, a rubber, a valid ID card or passport (in other words, which has not expired) and your schedule.
  • Arrive at the exam room at least 30 minutes before it starts.
  • Have your schedule and candidate number readily available. Your exam room and seat will depend on this number.
  • Leave your mobile phone and electronic devices outside, as well as any other objects which the supervisors do not allow in the exam room. For instance, correction fluid, self-erasing pens, smartwatches, etc. THESE OBJECTS ARE NOT ALLOWED IN THE EXAM ROOM.

During the exam

On entering the room:

  • Turn off all alarms and reminders.
  • You are allowed to have a bottle of water, but it must be clear (not opaque).
  • When you are seated, a proctor will ask for your ID card or passport in order to check your identity. Your ID documents must be valid.
  • Inform the proctor immediately if your name is misspelled on the exam paper.

When each part of the exam begins

  • Read the instructions on the first page (and on the separate answer sheet, if applicable). Raise your hand to ask the proctor if there is something you do not understand.
  • Do not open the exam until the proctor tells you to do so.
  • You are not allowed to ask anything about the exam questions and the proctor will not answer such queries.
  • The proctor will tell you how long each part of the exam lasts. Make sure you have answered all the questions in the time allowed; you will not be given extra time to copy your answers on the answer sheet.
  • The proctor will inform you whether you should write in ink or pencil for each part of the exam.
  • You are not allowed to talk, copy, use unauthorised objects (such as mobile phones or corrector fluid) or have them with you. Otherwise, you may be expelled from the exam.
  • Raise your hand if you need to go to the toilet. You will not be given extra time for this. For security reasons, you will be accompanied by a proctor.
  • The proctor will inform you 10 and 5 minutes before the time ends for the written parts of the exam.
  • Do not copy or try to do so. Do not give or take anything from other candidates.
  • Do not speak to or make signs to other candidates.
  • Do not use a dictionary or attempt to do so.
  • Do not use self-erasing pens or any type of correction fluid.
  • No eating or drinking is allowed, except for water in a clear (not opaque) bottle.
  • Do not leave the exam room without permission from the proctor.

When the exam finishes

  •  When the exam finishes, you will be asked to put down your pen or pencil. You can be sanctioned if you continue writing after the allowed time.
  • The proctor will collect all the exams, answer sheets and scrap paper before allowing candidates to leave the exam room. You must remain seated during this time.
  • Do not attempt to remove exam material from the room, including scrap paper.
  • Do not make noise near the exam room.

Following the exam

  • Do not leave anything in the room.
  • Make sure to keep your schedule (“Confirmation of Entry”), as it has the codes you will need to check your exam results.

Notification of incidents

If anything should occur during the exam which could affect your answers (for instance, if you feel unwell during the exam or loud noise prevents you from hearing), you should inform the proctor or supervisor of the centre immediately, on the day of the exam.


Preparation Centre

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