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Deusto is back to normality


Normality is returning to the University of Deusto

Normality is returning to the University of Deusto: seating capacity is restored, face-to-face classes are back, sporting activities are resumed... The times of COVID are being left behind, although we should not forget that we are still in a pandemic and still must follow the instructions from the health authorities:

  • Use of face masks
  • Number of cases of people affected by the disease.

Therefore, do not forget to inform your Faculty or centre coordinator if you are positive.

A safe university

During the health crisis, the University has complied with strict prevention protocols, thanks to which Deusto has offered the university community the highest safety standards against COVID-19. In fact, since the onset of the pandemic, there have been no significant outbreaks of contagion on its campuses or sites. This good experience strengthens our confidence that, while complying with the required safety measures, Deusto's activities will not come to a halt.

Instrucciones para prevenir la transmisión de la COVID 19 en la Universidad de Deusto