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International networks

Networks in which the University of Deusto takes part

The University of Deusto participates in numerous international networks in accordance with its policy of encouraging the internationalization and external projection. The participation in these networks behaves like catalyst of renovation and change and increases the degree of visibility and prestige of our institution. We reach a wide range of advantages through these networks, enabling us to share experiences and find synergies in investigation, teaching and management, facilitating the exchange of students, lecturers and administration and services staff, accelerating the task of starting and executing international projects, and strengthening our possibilities of having an impact on the international university policy, among others.

These networks are very diverse when it comes to composition and subject matters, including multiple networks related to human rights and humanitarian action (NOHA, EMA, Humanitariannet, EVHAC, IMISCOE, etc.), leisure and recreation studies (OTIUM, ATLAS, ANPEPP, AAHPERD, etc.), research, education and socio-economic sciences inter alia. Moreover, UDEUSTO is member of international associations where it collaborates with the last tendencies of higher education and research.


  • OTIUM Network: Iberoamerican Association of Leisure Studies. Dedicated to develop actions of research, innovation, formation and dissemination of the study of leisure and related matters.
  • European Network of Cultural Administration Training (ENCATC). It involves institutions of higher education and organizations of formation that pursue education and formation in cultural management.
  • ATLAS Network: European Association for Education in Tourism and Leisure, established to develop educative transnational initiatives in the field of tourism and leisure.
  • Iberoamerican Network of Sociocultural Animation RIA. International Network of people and of public and private institutions interested in or linked to the ASC in any of its areas or modalities.
  • World Leisure Organization - WLO Organization that investigates the best conditions that enable leisure to serve with strength for human rise, development and well-being.
  • ANPEPP Group of Research Leisure Time Work. Brazil. Encouragement and development of human science in Brazil, specially in the field of Psychology.
  • AAHPERD. American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance Organization dedicated to ensure that every child has the opportunity of living a healthy and physically active life.
  • CULTURELINK. Research and documentation centres. Zagreb, Croatia.
  • ERICARTS. The institute ERICarts deals with comparative cultural research and cultural policies of monitorization in cooperation with experts of more than 40 european countries.
  • CICE4-Children's Identity and Citizenship in Europe. CiCea handles the training of youngsters in Europe and the rest of the world in terms of education and civic identity.
  • - Its main aim is to achieve and disseminate a better understanding of History and representations of the recent european past.
  • ENERCA III - European Network for rare and congenital anaemias. It provides electronic health tools to professionals and patients in order to ensure the same access level to services of rare anaemias in all Europe.
  • ECO II – European Cluster Observatory It provides a single point of access to information and analysis of groups and group policy in Europe, as well as an interactive platform for group collaboration.
  • E-PRAGMATIC It is a network that connects educational institutions, chambers of commerce and small businesses in order to modernize mechatronics and design an appropriate professional formation.
  • EVHAC - European Humanitarian Volunteer Programme.
  • NOHA: Network of Humanitarian Aid. Misión: Improve the effectiveness and quality of humanitarian aid providing acknowledged education, formation and research.
  • IMISCOE Network of European Excellence of research on International Migration, Integration and Social Cohesion.
  • RISE - Rising the Impact of the Socio-economic Sciences. It is an international network of research on universities of the area of social sciences and economy.


European University Association (EUA) The European University Association (EUA) represents and supports higher education institutions in Europe supporting a unique forum to collaborate and inform about the last tendencies in higher education and research policies.

International Association of Universities (IAU) The International Association of Universities (IAU) is a worldwide association of higher education institutions under the umbrella of the UNESCO, which joins institutions and organisms from about 150 countries in order to act and meditate about common problems and collaborate in the area of higher education.

European Association for International Education (EAIE). The EAIE is a non-profit organization whose aim is to stimulate and ease the internationalization of higher education not only in Europe but also around the globe.