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During your stay

Our International Relations Office will help you before, during and after your stay, but especially during your stay. You can come into our office and we will happy to help you with any questions or concerns you may have. If you are unable to attend during office hours, you can make an appointment by sending an email to:

We wish you the best of luck and every success with your academic programme and we hope you will have an enjoyable and enriching stay at the University of Deusto. Enjoy!

Spanish and Basque courses


As an undergraduate exchange student, you can do an intensive Spanish course (45 hours, 3 ECTS) that will be held at the beginning of you stay (end of August and end of January).

If you have never studied Spanish before, we strongly advise you to attend the Spanish intensive course.

If you are a semester student, you can also register on the regular Spanish course for the period of your stay (September-December or February-May, 60 hours, 6 ECTS, respectively).

If you are a full-year student, you can register on two regular courses that are taught throughout the academic year.


This course will only be taught for one semester of your stay and, as the regular Spanish course, it will be worth 6 ECTS. It will be taught from September to December in the first semester and from February to May in the second.

Both the Spanish and Basque courses will be part of your undergraduate programme of study and your enrolment. Therefore, they will appear on your transcript.
Student card

International Relations Office

Bilbao CampusInternational Relations Avda. de las Universidades 2448007 BilbaoTel.: 34 94 413 92
San Sebastian Campus Deusto Business School International Relations Camino de Mundaiz 5020012 San SebastianTel.: 34 943 326
San Sebastian Campus Social and Human SciencesInternational Relations Camino de Mundaiz 5020012 San SebastiánTel.: 34 943 326

Useful information - Bilbao campus

We want our campus to be a convenient place to live and study. The following services focus on making it easier for you:

- Over 400 parking spaces
- Library open all day
- Fixed menus for €4

Useful information - San Sebastian campus

We want our campus to be a convenient place to live and study. The following services focus on making it easier for you:

- €4 fixed menus
- Parking
- Bookshop open all day