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19 noviembre 2021

The Future of Europe. Citizens' panels will meet in the coming months to discuss the future of the EU and create proposals.

The focus of the conference is on citizens, the protagonists of the debates on how the EU should evolve to adapt to the challenges of the future.

Citizens' panels will formulate their recommendations based on ideas gathered at events organized throughout the EU and on the conference platform. These contributions will be discussed with the EU institutions and other representatives.

The input from the panels will be reflected in the final report of the Conference, prepared by the Executive Committee in spring 2022.

The conference is inviting proposals on future reforms and is open to all, with citizens able to comment on distinct topics

Topics to be discussed

- Panel 1: a stronger economy, social justice and employment / education, culture, youth and sport in Europe / digital transformation.
- Panel 2: European democracy / values and rights, rule of law and security
- Panel 3: climate change, environment / health
- Panel 4: the EU in the world / Migration

When will the citizen panels meet?

Each panel will meet three times. The first sessions will take place on four weekends between September 17 and October 17 at the EP headquarters in Strasbourg. The second sessions will take place online in November. The third sessions will be held between December and January in EU cities, health conditions permitting.

The sessions will be streamed online. Full details can be found on the Conference platform
Research and industry organizations say research and innovation must be on the agenda of the Future of Europe Conference.

For more information on the manifesto to include the call for research and innovation in the Future of Europe Conference, please visit the following web site