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20 julio 2020Campus Bilbao

DEUSTO researcher María Silvestre Cabrera publishes the results of the Spanish analysis in the context of European Values Survey

The European Values ​​Survey is a cross-border survey carried out in more than forty European countries every ten years in order to detect trends in values, attitudes, perceptions of European citizenship and in different cultural frameworks.

María Silvestre Cabrera, researcher of the University of Deusto, published the results of the analysis that took place in Spain in the context of the European Values Survey. The fieldwork took place between the end of 2017 and the beginning of 2018. It consisted of almost one hundred questions about the values ​​of citizenship. These values were grouped into large thematic dimensions of analysis: family, work, friends, leisure, politics, religion, personal satisfaction and quality of life, attitudes towards migratory movements, social capital, social solidarity, identities , etc.

The report shows a Spanish society that has begun to feel the relief of the hardships of the economic crisis, but whose memory was still very close. This has meant that uncertainty and precariousness persist, but that, in turn, along with an individualism that is based on the defense of free choice, new forms of solidarity arise. Individualism persists, even in uncertain times, but it is no stranger to social solidarity. It also shows a dual Spain, which very unanimously shares certain fundamental principles, such as support for democracy or the legitimacy of the welfare state, but which, in others, reminds that the country has spent centuries trying to string different identities, dual ideologies and a social stratification that does not finish being egalitarian.

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