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07 enero 2020Bilbao

DEUSTO Researcher Javier Arellano Yanguas reflects on the Challenges for the Open Government in Euskadi

Javier Arellano Yanguas, Director of the Center for Applied Ethics and Member of the Strengthening Participation Interdisciplinary Research Platform, reflects in a press article in El Correo about the design of the first Open Government Action Plan in Euskadi. Javier Arellano is also member of the research team selected by the NGO Open Government Partnership to make the plan’s follow-up.

In the article, Javier Arellano highlights that there is an "important deficit of effective participation of citizens in public affairs" and raises a number of issues to improve the effectiveness of open government plans.

The Basque Country ranks 36th among the 202 European regions by per capita income, while, according to the aggregate government quality index, we appear in the 67th place. We are in a good position, but not as well as our wealth level. In addition, we have an important deficit of effective citizens’ participation in public affairs.”

The generation of opportunities has not been accompanied by greater real participation, as reflected by the low use of innovative tools such as the Open Government portal of the Basque Executive (Irekia) and, in general, many of the participation mechanisms created in recent years.

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