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10 septiembre 2020

Deusto Business School discusses Open Innovation

The current PP parliamentary spokesperson, Cuca Gamarra, and the Ciudadanos MEP, Soraya Rodriguez, came back to the Deusto Business School- Madrid classrooms to discuss open innovation and other major topics with future students of the Corporate Leadership Programme in Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

Both speakers highlighted the importance of continuous training to develop a solid professional career and, from the public sector perspective, to make the most of the ideas that arise in society to improve policies, processes and procedures and ultimately favor citizens.

Cuca Gamarra made reference to a whole series of open innovation mechanisms and systems in public-private collaboration, such as those in telemedicine, or some applications that have been made available to the administration and have been shared with others, generating collaborative networks. Gamarra added the need to generate spaces for collaboration "because only if we talk about innovative ecosystems, where there is a lot of speed when establishing these collaborations, we will be able to give adequate answers".

Soraya Rodríguez talked about open innovation in public administrations based on her experience in Brussels and pointed out that there is no standard, directive or regulation on this subject. There are some initiatives such as the Action Plan for eGovernment 2016-2020, but the conclusion is that each Member State innovates "as it can, or as it wants, and therefore, there is no legal instrument to which to avail itself". As a result, there is an unequal map between the different community members, although with some common points, which have mainly to do with the obstacles and enormous difficulties that open innovation faces in public administrations in relation to the private system.