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16 junio 2022Campus Bilbao

Three projects linked to ageing, wellbeing and health awarded by UDeusto for their positive and social transformation

 As part of the sixth edition of the Deusto Research Social Impact Seal, UDeusto has recognised the work of 8 new projects for their positive impact and social transformation.

The projects that have received the 'Deusto Research Social Impact 2022' seal have been promoted by different faculties and research units of the University of Deusto: Faculty of Health Sciences, Faculty of Social and Human Sciences, Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Education and Sport and the Faculty of Law.


The projects in this edition seek to provide innovative solutions to current issues such as;



  • Healthy ageing.
  • Mental Health
  • Historical education.
  • Promotion of renewable energies.
  • The maintenance and empowerment of older people in the community.
  • Use of models that help to understand and predict energy demand in the residential sector.
  • Analysis of the Foundations in the Basque Country, entities of the Social Economy that develop economic and business activities.
  • Urban transformation centred on citizens as the driving force to move towards a new energy model for cities based on renewable generation.


Each of the projects have demonstrated their potential social impact in line with the Sustainable Development Goals, European policy priorities and/or the Basque government's RIS3 strategy. In turn, they have collaborated with non-academic agents such as municipalities, companies and non-profit organisations, providing answers that go beyond scientific progress in the area of knowledge and giving evidence of adoption, use and exploitation of the results by relevant external agents and of dissemination and valuation of the results in the target group.

The 3 winning projects related to health, ageing and wellbeing are the following (in alphabetical order):

BIZI ORAIN Physical exercise for all people with cancer

The research project is based on a diagnosis and assessment of the individual physical capacities of each person and proposes an individualised, personalised and supervised concurrent physical exercise intervention to improve their quality of life and well-being, thanks to the improvements that physical exercise produces in health

Research Staff: Aitor Coca Núñez, Sergio José Sanabria Martín, Borja Gutiérrez Santamaría, Arkaitz Castañeda, Xabier Río, Aitor Martínez de Aguirre, Garazi Angulo, Egoitz Mojas.

Faculty of Education and Sport

HUDE- FRAIL Instruments for the detection and assessment of frailty in the elderly in the Basque Autonomous Community. 

The research project aims to contribute to diagnosing and assessing situations of fragility in elderly, applying identified interventions as well as  evaluating the evolution of the treatments in the users. The ultimate goal is to improve policies for the maintenance and strengthening of older people in the community and, thus, promoting equity and social justice.

Research Staff: Usue Beloki Marañón; Iratxe Aristegui Fradua; Bakarne Etxeberria Erauskin; Ane  Ferran Zubillaga; Edurne, Gonzalez Goya; Mª Cinta Guinot Viciano; Amaia Mosteiro Pascual; Arantxa Rodríguez Berrio; Emma Sobremonte De Mendicuti.

Faculty of Social and Human Sciences

ONGIZATE Design and evaluation of the effectiveness of a psychological intervention to nurture personal development and wellbeing

The project contributes to the promotion of mental health, personal development and well-being of the young, adult and elderly population without serious psychopathological problems, as well as to the prevention of psychological distress.

Research Staff: Susana Gorbeña Echevarria, Ioseba Iraurgi Castillo, Ignacio Gómez Marroquín, Sare Sarrionaindia Vadillo, Patricia Penas Morán, Leila Govillard Garmendia, Alejandro Amillano Solano, Onintze Lopez de Letona Ibañez, Diana Cabezas Gomez.

Faculty of Health Sciences. The research project is linked to the Health Area.