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31 mayo 2017

The Basque Government presents its Industry 4.0 strategy

On 31 May 2017, the Basque Government, through its business development agency - SPRI, presented in Madrid the Euskadi Industry 4.0 strategy.

Alex Arriola, Director-General of SPRI explained that the Euskadi Industry 4.0 strategy should be seen in the context of the RIS3 Smart Specialisation Strategy, which is an European initiative defining for each region the specific areas of competitive strength. Advanced manufacturing is one of Euskadi priority areas and in order to meet this objective, the Basque Government has developed the Basque Industry 4.0 Strategy. At the core of this strategy is the creation of new products, the integration of new materials and the improvement of manufacturing processes.

Arriola has also explained that the preparation of a territorial strategy not only needs scientific and technology knowledge, but also a good understanding of the market and entrepreneurial capacities. The territorial strategy is the result of a participative process in which public administrations, the business community, the academic and scientific worlds and the civil society participate.

The meeting has also served to present the tasks of the working group on the Governance of the Connected Industry 4.0 Strategy. This group will gather in a regular basis to exchange good practices, experiences, results and joint projects on the digitalization of industry.