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29 mayo 2017Campus Bilbao

Orkestra advances that as of 2030 the vehicles moved by alternative energies will surpass the conventional ones

The Energy Chair of Orkestra-Basque Institute of Competitiveness of the University of Deusto places around the year 2030 the date when vehicles powered by alternative energies will surpass the conventional ones in the Basque Country. A report on "Alternative Energies for Passenger Transport", presented on 11 May, analyses the energy consumption and emissions generated by road passenger transport in the Basque Country from two different but complementary approaches: the total replacement of the car fleet and the progressive incorporation of vehicles powered by alternative energies.

The report notes that "it is necessary to advance the penetration of alternative power sources or alternative fuels in transport" and recommends concentrating public administrations’ efforts in the promotion of the fleet renewal towards future energies. In that sense, it points out that public administrations can play a clear role in the development of incentives for the purchase of vehicles powered by alternative energy sources, as well as the promotion of recharging and supply infrastructures.

Full text of the report (published in Spanish) can be found in the following link.