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Plataforma Justicia Social e Inclusión

Social Impact

Social impact

Within Deusto 2018 Strategic Plan, the Master Plan "Social Impact of Research" outlines key actions to promote and disseminate the social impact of Deusto's research.

The plan is structured around three main objectives:

  • Formulation and measurement of the social impact of the university’s research projects, since universities, in addition to measuring the rates of academic impact, should also give account of the social impact of the research they perform.
  • Development of actions to support research projects with high social impact. The aim of these initiatives is to show the transforming action of Deusto’s research.
  • Improved external dissemination of the social impact of Deusto’s research. A number of studies, courses and actions have been carried out to support projects that link Deusto to social partners. An example is the joint statement made between Deusto, Confebask and the Deputy Ministry of Universities and Research of the Basque Government in June 2016 to promote the Social Impact of University Research.