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21 marzo 2022Brussels

EU Council approves “A Strategic Compass for Security and Defence”

Today the Council has formally approved the Strategic Compass, giving the European Union an ambitious plan of action for strengthening the EU's security and defence policy by 2030. EU Member States, for the first time, agreed on a common vision with detailed objectives of what they want to achieve in security and defence.

The Strategic Compass provides an analysis of our strategic environment and seeks to bring greater coherence and a strong common sense of purpose to the EU’s security and defence efforts.

It is a guide for action, providing concrete proposals and timelines for the coming 5-10 years in four areas:


  • Act more quickly and decisively when facing crises;
  • Secure our citizens against fast-changing threats;
  • Invest in the capabilities and technologies we need;
  • Partner with others to achieve common goals.

The objective of the Strategic Compass is to make the EU a stronger and more capable security provider enhancing the EU’s strategic autonomy and its ability to work with partners to safeguard its values and interests.

The document makes concrete and actionable proposals, with a very precise timetable for implementation, in order to improve the EU's ability to act decisively in crises and to defend its security and its citizens.