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25 enero 2021

DEUSTO develops a programme to support children during the divorce process

Deusto Researcher Ana Martinez Pampliega (Principal Investigator of Deusto FamilyPsych, Faculty of Psychology), Laura Merino, Leire Iriarte Elejalde, Susana Cormenzana and Susana Corral have published the article "The intervention with divorced couples affects the mental health of sons and daughters" in The Conversation.

According to the article “Divorce is increasing in families around us. Approximately one million families experience it in Europe, of which more than 60% have dependent children. Spain is one of the European countries with the highest divorce rate (58%) which affects every year about 100,000 boys and girls”.

Deusto FamilyPsych has set up the Egokitzen programme helping parents to develop knowledge and skills for minimising their children’s stress caused by the divorce and facilitating the transition to a new functioning family.