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11 noviembre 2020Brussels

DEUSTO Center for Applied Ethics highlights the role of historical education for peace

In her post on the Memory Day celebrated on 10 November in the Basque Country, Angela Bermudez (DEUSTO Center for Applied Ethics Principal Investigator and researcher) highlights two novelties on the Basque Government’s approach on this topic: the first, the focus on youth and, the second the emphasis on history.

Under the slogan “Looking Back to Moving Forward”, the Basque Government’s campaign outlined the importance of not turning the page, as “the consolidation of a society in peace requires that it learns to look at the past in a critical, inclusive and ethical way”, Bermudez says. According to her analysis, “these developments reflect the growing concern about the ignorance of new generations about the history of violence in the Basque Country”. In line with this, she stresses the importance of focusing on history and on the new generations as a “significant step towards a society that delegitimizes violence”. In this context, it seems relevant to analyse the contribution of history teaching and to identify the most appropriate historical education to achieve it.

On this regard, DEUSTO Center for Applied Ethics proposes some ideas for an “open dialogue and critical exploration on the teaching of the history of the violent past to the new generations” around topics and tools, such as ethic reflection, the relationship between memory and history, historical consciousness and delegitimising violence.

You can read the full post at this page.