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09 junio 2015Campus Bilbao

The University of Deusto took part in the International Workshop "The Regulation of the Feminist and Gender Studies in the University and the New Legislative Reforms” that was held in the International Institute for the Sociology of Law in Oñati

María Silvestre Cabrera, Maria Jesus Pando Canteli and Luz Maceira Ochoa participated in
the event on the 4th and 5th of June 2015.Around forty experts of the field assisted in the workshop where the equality policies in the universities of Spain, Puerto Rico and Portugal were discussed.

Existing legislation on equality, prevention and elimination of the violence against women, coeducation and promoting scientific development, on the one hand and the degree of development, implementation and monitoring of such legislation as well as its shortcomings and strengths on the other hand, were the main topics of the analysis.The master and postgraduate programs were revised with the gender perspective or specialization in this field as the Master of Intervention in Violence against Women at the University of Deusto as well as the career opportunities and the impact of the students engaged in the postgraduate feminist and gender studies on the public policy. The sexism in academia was also discussed.Multiple university experiences and their legal discourse contrast produced the discussion of the obstacles and levers for the mainstreaming gender perspective in the higher education institutions and research centers.