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02 diciembre 2014Campus Bilbao

The University of Deusto at the International SIS-RRI Conference: Science, Innovation and Society, Achieving Responsible Research and Innovation

The University of Deusto International Research Projects Office (María López Belloso) and the Vice-Rector of Identity and Mission and Gender Equality Commission (Luz Maceira) took part in the SIS-RRI Conference held 19 to 21 November. The event entitled ”Achieving Responsible Research and Innovation", was held in Rome and organised by the Italian National Research Agency. The conference took place within the context of the Italian presidency of the Council of the European Union and was funded by the European Commission.

The concept of Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) is based on the need for all social agents to take part in the research and innovation cycle to ensure that both processes and results address society's needs and expectations. During the event, institutions, organisations, business, civil society and the EU Member States were urged to include responsible research and innovation as core objectives in all their policies and activities.

They were encouraged to take action to build RRI capacities, review and adapt their research and innovation follow-up and assessment policies and to implement institutional changes to strengthen RRI.What the European Commission ultimately aims to promote is RRI whose fundamental components are the engagement of different social agents and public participation, gender equality, ethics, scientific education, open science that increases access to scientific results and governance.The results of the conference will be published shortly as the Rome Declaration.Further information at: