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03 junio 2020

The programme “Inspira STEAM at home” continues with more live interviews to promote the visibility of technologist women

On 20 May 2020, the University of Deusto has launched the “Inspira STEAM at home” initiative, consisting of a cycle of live open interviews taking place every 15 days to give visibility to scientist and technologist women. The online initiative was born in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, which forced the suspension of the school sessions.

The initiative has counted so far with the following sessions:

  • Session with Maitane Alonso Monasterio, an 18-year-old young researcher and inventor currently in second year of Medicine who has spoken about her experience from being a medicine student to name an asteroid. She has created an innovative food preservation machine, for which she received first prize in sustainability and second in microbiology at the world's largest science and technology competition, organised by the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). She had the opportunity to explain her idea to NASA and, as part of the award, MIT will baptise an asteroid with her name.
  • Session with Mª Luz Congosto, who has discussed about the hunter of hoaxes and bots on Twitter, explaining how messages are viralised on social networks or how false accounts can be identified. In addition, she has covered the proliferation of fake news during the coronavirus crisis. Mª Luz Congosto holds a PhD in Telematics from the Carlos III University and a degree in Computer Science from the UPM. She is currently an Honorary Professor at the Department of Telematic Engineering at the Carlos III University and since 2008 a researcher on social data themes.

More information about the project and the coming sessions of this initiative can be found at this webpage.