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28 marzo 2019Bilbao and San Sebastián

The documentary ‘Voices against the silence’ is discussed at the University of Deusto

In order to promote a collective reflection about harassment and gender violence, the University of Deusto organized two workshops in Bilbao and San Sebastián presenting the documentary ‘Voices against the silence’. The documentary gives voice to women who suffered gender violence in different contexts, including in the academy. It was produced by RTVE and awarded a Golden Globe in the 2018 World Media Festival in Hamburg.

In Bilbao, the exhibition of the documentary was followed by a colloquium which counted with the participation of RTVE scriptwriter Curro Aguilera, the producer Enrique Pérez, Ana Vidu (Deusto researcher and one of the main actresses), the Dean of the Faculty of Law Gema Tomás and Lourdes Perez, subdirector of Diario Vasco.

In San Sebastián, the event was part of DeustoForum Gipuzkoa and, besides the participants previously mentioned, it also included Lorena Fernández, Member of DEUSTO Interdisciplinary Research Platform on Gender, as one of the speakers.