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07 noviembre 2019Donosti San Sebastián

Survey on the profile of women who practise sport: motivations, interests and barriers

The University of Deusto and the Fortuna Club have carried out a survey about the profile of women who practise sport, their motivations, interests and barriers.

Alazne Mujika, Iñaki García and Juan José Gibaja, professors and researchers in the Communication research team of the University of Deusto, alongside Arantza Rojo, anthropologist and project coordinator of the Sport Club Fortuna, have carried this study which had the main objective of knowing the opinion of women and their motivations to practice sports.

648 women participated, all of those have participated at least once in the Behobia-San Sebastián run in the last 5 years.

Some key findings of the survey:

  • 58% ensure that they practice more sport nowadays than before
  • 76% intend to maintain and 19% of them intend to increase the time they dedicate to sport in the future
  • Almost 50% say that their health is very good and (9/10 out of 10) and 80% of them recognise to notice a worse physical condition if they do not practice any sport for one week
  • Average age when women start to practice sport is 21 years

The main motivation, beyond the competition element, is to maintain and improve their emotional and psychological health: “women practice sport because they have found that this provides them with stability and balance”.

Regarding the barriers, the study has not found any insuperable ones: “the most common ones are the lack of time, the tiredness or laziness or reluctance, but any of these reaches a 3 out of 5 score and therefore they are not actual barriers”, “As I usually say, sport is for real women who do special things. There are family charges, work ... but we still juggle and find the time to practice sports”.