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01 octubre 2022Campus Bilbao

DEUSTO launches a new Horizon Europe Project for Improving Access to Services for Victims of Domestic Violence by Accelerating Change in Frontline Responder Organizations


DEUSTO has launched a new Horizon Europe Project, IMPROVE, which will develop several tools to increase reporting and detection of domestic violence by empowering the victims to understand their rights for services and justice, and by supporting Police Authorities, Civil Society Organizations and other frontline responder organizations to enhance their competencies to utilize innovative solutions that enable and accelerate policy implementation.


The main objectives of the project are:


  • To increase DV reporting and improve access to DV services for under-served, marginalized victims, by providing a novel entry point to existing frontline responder networks by means of an effective conversational AI Chatbot.
  •  To accelerate DV policy implementation using a validated common approach for frontline responder organizations and policy makers to reinforce and exploit existing solutions and enablers, while removing barriers to change and overcoming organizational inertia.
  • To improve multi-agency DV responses for underserved populations by fostering capacity building of frontline practitioners through scalable, low-threshold, targeted training, raising mutual understanding and bridging sectoral divides.
  •  To raise awareness among, and empower, underserved European populations to access existing DV services, while increase FLR organizations’ and policy makers’ knowledge and awareness of underserved populations’ needs.

The project, participated by 15 partners from 7 different countries, has been awarded with a total budget of 2.9 million Euro, out of which, 155 thousand Euro correspond to DEUSTO.

 DEUSTO research will be led by Ainhoa Izaguirre Choperena, member of the Gender Interdisciplinary Research Platform and will count with an interdisciplinary team from three different Faculties. The Project Consortium celebrated the kick-off meeting in Muster, Berlin on the 11th and 12th of October. 

 More information about the project can be found in this Webpage.