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08 marzo 2022

DEUSTO celebrates the International Women’s Day 2022

DEUSTO celebrates the International Women’s Day 2022, on the 8th of March 2022 which, in this occasion has the theme: #BreakTheBias.

To celebrate it, DEUSTO has organized different events during the second week of March

Bilbao Campus:

  • 7 March: Conference “The gender perspective in complex thinking”, by José Carlos Vázquez Parra. 17:00h, Auditorio Icaza (DBS).
  • 10 March: Launch of the book "Feminist perspectives in socio-educational intervention: reflections and good practices", Itziar Gandarias Goikoetxea, Marta Ruiz-Narezo y Jessica Paños. 10:00h, Sala Turing.
  • 11 March: GEARING-Roles Workshop "Gender equality in academia: responding to resistance with queerfeminist". 10.30-12.30h (CET), online (Registration).
  • 11 March: Roundtable "The legacy of women permanent struggle in the 20th and 21st centuries. Footprints for the present and the future from an intersectional perspective". Organized by RSU Equality, GEARING Roles y FAMEK Elkartea, in collaboration with ALBOAN. 12:00h, Sala Garate.

San Sebastián Campus:

 Deusto Campus activities during the month:

  • Exhibition "Lei Tronauta, pinturas en Bic". Cafetería.
  • Music weekly pote, by female students
  • Sound fiction: Story recording or podcast.
  • Graffiti wall.
  • 8 March 8: Talk and exhibition "Discarded", in collaboration with the TAU Foundation, within the framework of the 3rd year subject "Networked Social Work: group and community", given by de Bakarne Etxeberria. Loyola Centrum.
  • 8 March: Talk "Amelia Tiganus" about the reality of prostitution, within the framework of the subject "Social Participation and Values".


Likewise, we are waiting for you at the Concentration on March 8, which will take place on the Bilbao and San Sebastián campuses according to the following schedule:


  • Bilbao Campus : Plaza de la Memoria, 10:50-11:10 h.
  • San Sebastián Campus : Main entrance to Edificio Larramendi, 11:00-11:15 h.