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04 mayo 2015Campus Bilbao

“Migrant women’s associations: tools in the fight against multiple inequalities”

On 22 April, the University of Deusto hosted the conference entitled: “Migrant women’s associations: tools in the fight against multiple inequalities”. This conference presented the research outcomes of a project undertaken by the Deusto Social Values team, with the funding of the Provincial Council of Biscay.

This conference brought together academics, Provincial Council staff and women from different women associations with the objective of disseminating the research findings, as well as sharing views and reflections on it.The great work that migrant women’s associations carry out was recalled throughout the conference. Luciana Davies, representative of “Mujeres con Voz-Women with Voice” emphasised the courage of migrant women, describing them as a real driving force for social change. Along the same lines, it was emphasized that women organizations are able to create sisterhood support networks, in addition to assisting with and producing resources. These networks are often key elements in the empowerment or re-empowerment processes of many women who arrive in Biscay and face cumulative disadvantage for being both immigrant and women. The role of these organizations in providing support was underscored, as well as their orientation towards the respect of diversity, empathy, and the commitment to build a dignified social reality.