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Plataforma B-Creative

Research Units

applied mechanicsApplied Mechanics 

Applied Mechanics focuses on the mechanical behaviour of structural systems and materials. It targets the automotive, capital and consumer goods industries to achieve excellence by contributing to cutting edge innovative solutions.



Social developmentBusiness Competitiveness and Economic Development

This team is formed by lecturers from the university of Deusto’s faculty of economics and business administration-Deusto Business School and researchers from Orkestra-Basque Institute of Competitiveness.



Cities Lab KatedraCities Lab Katedra

The Cities Lab Chair focuses on developing the innovation on city governance and leadership through research projects, learning programmes and open innovation actions



deustech energyDeustoTech Energy

DeustoTech Energy research is focused on energy related work plans with a strong focus on energy efficiency and environmental protection



Deustek researchersDEUSTEK

The DEUSTEK group has worked in the field of Ambient Intelligence since 2003 when SmartLab was set up to research hardware and software technologies to enable intelligent instrumentation in buildings. This work was strengthened in 2007 when a second research lab was set up, devoted to application of Aml principles to key areas such as transport. The result of this was ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems)


deusto smart mobilityDeusto Smart Mobility

DeustoTech Mobility aims to meet society and industry’s present and future mobility and transport needs through research in the field of new technologies.



Deusto Innovación y EmprendimientoDeusto Innovación y Emprendimiento

The team focuses its efforts on the study of the entrepreneurship phenomenon, innovation and knowledge transfer.





Members of this research team are working on innovative activities in the area of health and ICT for wellbeing. The group is committed to research on and development of ICT-based tools, systems and interventions for psychological, social and physical health.


Fablab logoFablab

DeustoFabLab is the digital fabrication laboratory and centre for creation and training of the University of Deusto within the global Fab Network that comprises over 400 individual local laboratories globally connected.



Logo DeustoInnovation, Knowledge, Entrepreneurship and Sustainability

This team’s research is carried out in the field of strategic management. The scope encompasses different fields of knowledge recognised by the strategic management society, the leading international organisation in the field of strategic management.


Leisure and Human DevelopmentLeisure and Human Development

The team focuses its study on the analysis of leisure as a factor of human development. It aims to give an interdisciplinary response to the main challenges posed by leisure today: Lifelong leisure experiences and sustainable creative leisure environments.



orkestra logoOrkestra - Basque Institute of Competitiveness

The Institute analyses competitiveness and regional development though different lines of research. It aims to contribute to improvement of the Basque Country’s competitiveness, promote citizens’ wellbeing and create knowledge on regional competitiveness.


Social development, economy and innovation for peopleSocial development, economy and innovation for people

The team’s research centres on social economy and solidarity organisations such as cooperatives, employee-owned companies, insertion companies, social businesses and others. Particular emphasis is placed on their particular features, values, operating principles and the positive economic, social and environmental effects.