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09 septiembre 2020Campus Bilbao

DEUSTO researchers publish about the “Transformations in Museums from the Audience´s Perception”

Íñigo Ayala, Macarena Cuenca-Amigo and Jaime Cuenca, members of the Leisure Studies Institute research team and of the B-Creative Interdisciplinary Research Platform have recently published the chapter “Transformations in Museums from the Audience's Perception”, within the book Socializing Art Museums. Rethinking the Publics ’Experience.

This publication offers new perspectives on museological trends that are developing in various countries and cultures. The essays define the role of the museum as a medium of social change, as a protagonist in an education process and as a technologically innovative platform.

More specifically, the chapter written by DEUSTO researchers analyses the audience's perception of the changes made by three specific museums: the National Museum of Decorative Arts in Madrid, the Guggenheim Museum and the Museum of Fine Arts in Bilbao. This research is part of the PUBLICUM project, financed by the Spanish Ministry of Science, Innovation and Industries and coordinated by the University of Deusto.