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Plataforma B-Creative

B creative platform

Organigrama Bcreative










The Universtiy of Deusto

The University of Deusto is a hub of 39 research teams working at its six faculties (Psychology and Education, Social Sciences and Humanities, Engineering, Law, Economic and Business Sciences, and Theology) in three different campuses: Bilbao, San Sebastian and Madrid. Since 1987, the University has undertaken a strong internationalisation that has facilitated and multiplied its opportunities for international collaboration. This strategy is based on a strong networking with key institutions and stakeholders across Europe and beyond and on the quality of the results and the impact of the research and educational endeavours undertaken by UDEUSTO.

In the aftermath, at present UDEUSTO participates in a broad number of research collaborative projects funded by the European Commission (FP7 and H2020), is part of a wide number of international networks and has signed plenty of cooperation agreements with universities and research centres distributed around the globe.

The University of Deusto has a long and well established educational and research tradition. Since its foundation, in 1886, the university has been firmly rooted in its environment and has been responsive to the different challenges that the development of the region and the cities in which it is embedded has demanded. Without losing its close liaison with the territory, the University has undertaken an ambitious international strategy that has resulted in Deusto coordinating or participating in 17 on-going research collaborative projects funded by the European Commission; taking part in 94 international networks, and having signed more than 700 cooperation agreements with universities and research centres distributed around the globe.

The University’s long track of collaboration with the cities in which it seats –Bilbao, San Sebastian, and Madrid- has led to the construction of an interdisciplinary platform for the research of creativity as a strategic factor for innovation and sustainable urban development. B-CREATIVE brings together different disciplines, teams, and areas of study that have produced important developments in the field of creative industries and cities; mainly concerning leisure, business competitiveness, innovation, organisational management, applied mechanics, entrepreneurship, ICTs, human and economic development.

The B-CREATIVE interdisciplinary Research Platform

The Platform provides the teams and their stakeholders with a space in which to reflect upon the need for -and effect of- creative solutions for the challenges cities are increasingly facing in terms of development, social inclusion, and culture. Likewise, it fosters the co-creation of ground-breaking initiatives that may enhance social, economic, and environmental returns, while sustaining and reproducing the creative capital of cities.

The B-Creative Platform seeks interactions on issues such as policy making, public services and creative solutions for the cities´ (Smart and sustainable cities/Urbact) and regions´ (Interreg) challenges to engage different stakeholders for tackling issues such as growth, development and inclusion through co-creation, encouraging creativity and collaboration. Currently, the University participates in the “Sustainable Urban Mobility” Action Cluster of the European Innovation Partnership on Smart Cities and Communities (EIP-SCC) and is an active partner of the “Network of Cities of Social Innovation" (CSI Network) composed by universities and/or centers of research located in Bilbao, Dortmund, Tilburg, and Vienna. The network has been working together for 4 years with the objective of setting up strategic partnerships among cities to explore new solutions for a sustainable development.

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