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Plataforma Envejecimiento y Bienestar

Research Units

ageing researchAgeing Research

The team studies the psychosocial variables influencing an active and healthy lifestyle of elderly people, both at the personal and social levels; the benefits and impacts on health, wellbeing and the development of positive patterns to face and adapt to changes.

dbs healthDeusto Business School Health (DBSH)

Part of Deusto Business School, DGSH Deusto Business School Health (DBSH) is a unit of executive training and research in the field of health and social welfare



Deusto Social ValuesDeusto Social Values

The research team focuses on the connections between values, equality, society, democracy, welfare and social policy. It addresses transversal variables, such as family, work, politics and tolerance.


deustech energyDeustoTech Energy

DeustoTech Energy research is focused on energy related work plans with a strong focus on energy efficiency and environmental protection




Members of this research team are working on innovative activities in the area of health and ICT for wellbeing. The group is committed to research on and development of ICT-based tools, systems and interventions for psychological, social and physical health.

Leisure and Human DevelopmentLeisure and Human Development

The team focuses its study on the analysis of leisure as a factor of human development. It aims to give an interdisciplinary response to the main challenges posed by leisure today: Lifelong leisure experiences and sustainable creative leisure environments.



The research group aims to contribute to a better world through ICT, i.e. putting technology to the service of society. It carries out basic and applied research adapted to the needs of the industry and society.


neuropsychologyNeuropsychology of Severe Medical Conditions

The team focuses its research on the following areas: diagnosis and treatment of severe psychiatric illnesses; diagnosis and treatment of neurological diseases; development of diagnostic evaluation tools in neuropsychology and normalisation processes in the healthy population; development of treatments for cognitive deterioration and brain diseases

orkestra logoOrkestra - Basque Institute of Competitiveness

The Institute analyses competitiveness and regional development though different lines of research. It aims to contribute to improvement of the Basque Country’s competitiveness, promote citizens’ wellbeing and create knowledge on regional competitiveness.