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30 junio 2022

The first Innovative Health Initiative (IHI) calls for proposals opening with objective to transform healthcare

As the health systems are under increasing pressure, there is an urgent need for more innovative, integrated approaches covering prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and disease management. This is the key challenge IHI is addressing in the forthcoming calls in 2022.

What is IHI?

The Innovative Health Initiative (IHI) is a public-private partnership (PPP) between the European Union and the five European industry association representing a wide area of companies in the fields of pharmaceuticals (EFPIA), medical technology (MedTech Europe), medical imaging (COCIR), vaccine industry (Vaccines Europe) and biotechnology (EuropaBio). IHI is building on the success of its predecessor Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI), with expertise of 14 years and almost 200 projects.

What will be funded in 2022?

IHI encourages the development of tools, data, platforms, technologies and processes that will in turn facilitate the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and management of diseases, especially in areas where there is an unmet public health need.

The first single-stage calls opening in the end of June 2022 will focus on neurological diseases, oncology and other diseases with unmet needs:

  • Innovative clinical decision support for improved care (15 M€)

  • Next-generation imaging guided precision medicine (40 M€)

  • Personalized approach in oncology (40 M€)

  • Integration of heterogeneous health data for improved healthcare services (40 M€).

In turn, the IHI two-stage call topics will focus on the following:

  • Improved cardiovascular disease management in EU (10 M€)

  • Set up a harmonized methodology for early feasibility studies across the EU (10.7 M€).

IHI’s working model

The total budget for IHI during 2021-2027 is 2.4 B€. 50 % of the funding is provided by the European Union (1.2 B€ via Horizon Europe Health Cluster) and the remaining funding comes from IHI industrial partners and other life science industries or associations.