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09 mayo 2022Campus Bilbao

Students from Santa María Ikastetxea come to the University of Deusto to incorporate data on urban barriers in Portugalete into OpenStreetMap.

The University of Deusto hosted them at a citizen science event in the framework of a multidisciplinary action-research project led by the EDISPe and Deusto Sustainable Research Group teams and recognised with the Deusto Social Impact seal in 2017.

On Friday 29 April (2022), around 100 students from DBH4 in Santa María Ikastetxea visited the University of Deusto to complete another step in their research in the Hiri Lagunkoiak Service-Learning project: the uploading to OpenStreetMap of the data obtained in a previous mapping of the architectural barriers in Portugalete. This was not their first time, as they started this experience in 2015, and were recognised with the Service-Learning Award in the Secondary education category in its II edition in 2016. Video presentation

Virginia Vargas, research project advisor at IRPO, and Cruz Borges, researcher at Deustotech, led the workshops on OpenStreetMap that aimed at uploading data on obstacles to mobility in the neighbourhood of the participants. In addition, these young researchers were received by Aitziber Mugarra, Principal Investigator of EDISPe and coordinator of the Friendly Cities/Hiri Lagunkoiak project. The day was rounded off with a guided tour of DeustoFabLab, hosted by Szilard Kados and Pablo Badiola.

More information on the project here:

Mugarra, A. (Coord.), Alonso-Vicario, A., Borges, C.E., Echaniz, A., García-Pérez, A., Gómez Goiri, M., Pijoan, A. (2017). Ciudades Amigables para todas las personas: Aprendizaje y Servicio Solidario para proyectos Innovadores e Inclusivos. Deusto Social Briefing, 2. Universidad de Deusto.