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04 noviembre 2019Campus Bilbao

New Social Impact Storytelling: the COMPETITIV’eko project

The University of Deusto published the Storytelling of the European project COMPETITIV’eko. DEUSTO’s social impact storytellings are aimed at underlining the value and social impact of Deusto’s research, showing how its research teams work in collaboration with other European teams to tackle the challenges of our societies.

The COMPETITIV’eko project is one of DEUSTO’s international research projects to tackle the low levels of cross-border collaboration in the regions of Aquitaine, Euskadi and Navarra. It aims at boosting SMEs’ competitiveness and innovation capacity, by fostering cross-border cooperation and promoting the involvement of clusters, technology centers and economic development agencies of the three territories.

The project is funded by the European Programme INTERREG POCTEFA, is led by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Bayonne Pays Basque and counts with the participation of Orkestra - Deusto Foundation.

In a first phase of analysis and diagnosis, COMPETITIV’eko identified 4 priority areas as potential for further cross-border business cooperation: Advanced Manufacturing, Energy, Food and Health. This was the result of an in-depth analysis of Smart Specialisations Strategies of the three territories and of co-creation process combining a top-down approach - involving a joint reflection with policy makers - with a bottom up approach with more than 115 interviews to businesses.

In a second phase, COMPETITIV’eko established 3 cross-border competitiveness hubs through a co-creation process involving more than 400 organisations in 15 workshops. The 3 hubs are:

  • ADDITIVALLEY on additive manufacturing
  • BIG DATiA on artificial intelligence and big data
  • INNOVMEDICA Alliance on medical devices and e-health

These hubs help companies, clusters and development agencies to jointly identify innovation opportunities, share efforts in events and exhibitions, answer together to calls for proposals and respond to individual business concerns.

As the CEO of Fidenet Comunicación S.L., David Juanmartiñena, stated “For Fidenet, COMPETITIV’eko opens its market to nearby areas not yet exploited, such as Navarra and Aquitaine; and allows it to learn about key sectors of the future, such as BIG DATA and Artificial Intelligence. We’ve met potential partners with whom we can develop projects together or complement our services offer.”

In its last phase, COMPETITIV’eko proposed a set of measures to ensure the sustainability and of the new cross-border hubs, including recommendations for future action. According to Usue Lorenz, research facilitator of Orkestra “Competitiv’eko’s sustainability depends on the participation of both private and public organisations. So far, approximately 30 companies have agreed to continue working on the hubs; and policy representatives have agreed to reflect on how to develop the initiative further.”

The project main recommendations are:

  • first, to work on the development of public funding instruments for cross-border organisations cooperation;
  • second, to continue giving a central role to the companies and their needs;
  • and third, to continue working in understanding how cross-border cooperation evolves, and adapt action to the field evidences

You can watch the storytelling at this page and consult the COMPETITIV’eko webpage here.