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Scientific offer catalogue

Research Catalogue

The purpose of this Research Catalogue is to fulfil one of the University of Deusto’s main objectives: serve society through its faculties, schools and institutes and the Deusto Foundation, which focuses on the generation, development and transfer of science and technology.

The catalogue includes 40 research teams and 85 focus areas, specialising in different fields of social interest to form a wide range of applied research projects, consultancy, technical assistance and other activities deriving from the generation of knowledge.

Research Projects

These teams have developed more than 1,300 research projects to date. They have contributed to society through active participation and collaboration with different institutions and organisations, some of which are listed below:

 Comisión Europea   Bilbao Metrópoli 30 
 Iberdrola   Osakidetza
 Gobierno Vasco   Federación Cooperativas de Euskadi
 Eusko Ikaskuntza   Editoriales
 Real Academia Española   Real Academia Vasca
 Federación Cooperativas de Euskadi    Idom
 Fundación BBVA    MEC
 BBK   Robotiker
 Caja Laboral Popular   Azertia
 EITB   Gaia
 Once   Emakunde



These teams have also published:

  • 1,400 books
  • 1,800 chapters of books
  • 2,800 articles in scientific journals
  • 3,500 papers given in scientific congresses or meetings
  • 247 theses

We hope that this catalogue proves to be a useful instrument in promoting the ever important society-university and industry-university relationships and contributes to ensuring that scientific progress goes hand in hand with social progress.