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DIRÉCTICA – Ethical support to the leadership role

DIRÉCTICA – Support to the ethical challenges of the leadership role

The Seminar on Ethical Challenges facing Business offers its participants an ethical reflection on business within the framework of ethics applied in specific contexts, incorporating the organisational dimension (Business ethics), as a necessary complement to ethics in management. The seminar offers shared learning based on the professional experience of both participants and other experts, as well as on the state-of-the-art theories and methods to address ethical challenges offered by the researchers of the Centre of Applied Ethics. This seminar supports participants in the process of defining and analysing the ethical challenges they are faced with in their professional performance. The aim is to help them provide effective responses to those challenges that can be incorporated into specific professional contexts.

Ethical perspective in management decision-making processes

Strengthening the competences related to the incorporation of the ethical perspective in management decision-making processes, recognising the individual and organisational levels in ethical analysis processes and the importance of this perspective in building the organisational culture.

It is designed for practising professionals holding managerial positions at different levels, organisational size and industry sectors

One monthly seminar for one year

4-hour seminars for executive groups held once a month for one year. These are held through the use of participatory methodologies coordinated by researchers of the Centre of Applied Ethics, together with sessions with expert speakers. Groups can be multisectoral or they can belong to the same industry sector, or even to a single company.
The aim of the Seminar is to create methodologies adapted to the participants’ realities that allow to analyse and address ethical dilemmas in management in specific situations.

Premium Service

In addition to the stages described above, the service can be extended to meet the needs of the actors involved, including membership of the Learning Community on Management Ethical Challenges in the Premium Service. This is a permanent structure to share experiences and generate know-how among the participants from previous Seminars and report reflections and proposals to the business sector.

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