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Research with us

Research at DEUSTO has seen a significant growth during the last decades, following a path towards excellence through the increased participation in international projects and networks.This substantial growth is underpinned by DEUSTO’s Internationalisation Plan 2015-2018, which provides a strategic vision based around excellence and the three ‘I’s: international, inter-sectorial, and interdisciplinary.

Carrying out excellence is a robust body of professionals and researchers with a strong trajectory and expertise arranged around 9 interdisciplinary areas and 24 Teams of Excellence. Overall DEUSTO provides a flexible research ecosystem that nurtures international and inter-sectoral collaboration, and enables our researchers to cross-fertilise ideas and address local and global issues from an interdisciplinary perspective. It is a thriving environment that complements our teaching, and offers a fertile ground for our 7 PhD programs, which includes a MSCA COFUND grant (Deusto International Research School – DIRS), and extensive Post Graduate activity.

DEUSTO’s interdisciplinary research is articulated around:

DEUSTO’s Strategic Plan recognises that global challenges require global solutions. This internationalisation strategy has resulted in a growing portfolio of international collaborations and projects, positioning DEUSTO as a strong player in the international research arena.

Research at DEUSTO combines scientific excellence with hands-on collaboration with other sectors, generating strong intersectorial synergies.

  • It involves the whole range of socio-economic actors, giving our researchers an ideal vantage point from where to address society’s problems from the ground up.
  • It fosters the co-creation of solutions to real life challenges from research design to delivery, facilitating the transfer of knowledge and uptake of results, and maximising our research Social Impact
  • It is research that enhances researchers’ experience by maximising skill development and networking opportunities beyond academia.