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Investigación interdisciplinar

Interdisciplinary research

Aligned with the European Union and Basque Country Smart Specialisation Strategies, DEUSTO research blends competitiveness, innovation, and technology to tackle challenges for communities, companies, and public bodies in the region. Ageing and Wellbeing; Creative Industries and Cities; Gender dimension; Social Justice and Inclusion; and Strengthening Participation are the focus of the 5 set up Interdisciplinary Research Platforms. Besides, advanced research units contribute to generate knowledge and innovative solutions in the fields of efficient and clean Energy; Industry 4.0 (advanced manufacturing, data analytics…); Health; and Territory.

Collaboration with stakeholders is crucial for Deusto researchers to define research questions that foster social impact, sustainable development, impactful and innovative smart city solutions, efficient use of “Big Data” and well-being. 130 years of history back solid relationships with companies, SMEs, regional clusters, entities, policy makers, and social organizations.