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27 June 2018Bilbao Campus

Deusto Cities Lab Katedra presents the book “Urban citizenship, sustainable development and right to the city”

In the framework of the 70th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the 50th Anniversary Henry Lefebvre publication Le droit à la ville, Deusto Cities Lab Katedra presented in collaboration with the Faculty of Law and the publishing house Tirant lo Blanch the book of the Deusto professor José Luis Ávila: Urban citizenship, sustainable development and right to the city.

The book analyses the city as the place where the most relevant social, economic and political developments of the history of humanity are produced, since it is the most problematic focus area of inequality, poverty, segregation and social justice.

Its characteristics and development respond to different factors specific to each social, economic and legal context, are consequences of their historical and culture evolution, and represent an important part of the identity of its citizens. Notwithstanding, there are already available a series of basic, substantive and methodologic universal postulates leading to the creation of favourable conditions for wellbeing and the quality of life of the person in the city.

The book focuses on the legal exploration of the birth, evolution and composition of these postulates and the explanation of their functioning through three citizenship related elements: urban citizenship, sustainable urban development and right to the city.

27/06/2018 - La cátedra Deusto Cities Lab presenta un trabajo sobre Ciudadanía urbana, desarrollo sostenible y derecho a la ciudad