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Strengthening Participation Platform

Research Units

Social developmentBusiness Competitiveness and Economic Development

The team studies the variables explaining the differences in economic growth between regions. Both economic variables and business variables are examined. A secondary focus area consists of the analysis of regional strategies to boost competitiveness and regional economic growth and the role of public policy to develop these strategies and their assessment.


Cities Lab KatedraCities Lab Katedra

The research activities of the Cities Lab Katedra is centred on cities, models, strategies and actions from all around the world promoting new habitats for human development



 Comunicación Communication

This team analyses the challenges posed by the communication society in its different realms, from the arrival of new communication technologies and their cultural impact to the incorporation of new communication strategies in different institutions, firms and their social impact.


Deustek researchersDeustek – Smart open-ended environments and technologies for learning

The DEUSTEK group works in the field of Ambient Intelligence since 2003. Its main research areas are: 1/ ambient intelligence and its use to create ambient assisted living (AAL) in the context of Smart Cities; 2/ application of ICTs to Education Innovation; 3/ the Internet of the Future and its pillars.


DBS logoDeusto Business School

DBS aims to boost territorial and business competitiveness. It focuses its research activities in 2 main areas: 1/ Managerial perspective (Knowledge Management, Innovation and Entrepreneurship; Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility); 2/ Economics and Territorial Development perspective (Territorial and Clustering Policies and Strategies; International Economics and Economic Growth).


Deusto Social ValuesDeusto Social Values

The research team focuses on the connections between values, equality, society, democracy, welfare and social policy. It addresses transversal variables, such as work and politics: political values (equality, freedom, solidarity, social organisation), confidence in institutions, social capital and political participation.


Ethics Applied to Social RealityEthics Applied to Social Reality

The team works on subjects related to application of ethics in today’s social realities. It focuses on applied research in Social Sciences, centring its study on political issues and developing projects analysing the different dynamics of power structures, the management of inequality or conflicts raised by these structures, their limitations and transformation potential.


Innovation, Knowledge, Entrepreneurship and SustainabilityInnovation, Knowledge, Entrepreneurship and Sustainability

The team works on the following research areas of strategic management: corporate strategy, competitive strategy, knowledge and innovation, strategic human capital and stakeholder strategy.


MORELAB researchersMORElab

The research group aims to contribute to a better world through ICT, i.e. putting technology to the service of society. It carries out basic and applied research adapted to the needs of the industry and society. 



orkestra logoOrkestra - Basque Institute of Competitiveness

The Institute analyses competitiveness and regional development though different lines of research. It aims to contribute to improvement of the Basque Country’s competitiveness, promote citizens’ wellbeing and create knowledge on regional competitiveness.  


Social development, economy and innovation for peopleSocial development, economy and innovation for people

The team’s research centres on social economy and solidarity organisations such as cooperatives, employee-owned companies, insertion companies, social businesses and others. Particular emphasis is placed on their particular features, values, operating principles and their positive economic, social and environmental effects.