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28 September 2022Brussels

The European Commission publishes Approaches to inclusive gender equality in research and innovation (R&I)

The European Commission has published the report Approaches to inclusive gender equality in research and innovation (R&I) to achieve the objective of enabling all talents to reach their fullest potential so they can contribute to groundbreaking research and innovation (R&I), regardless of their personal or social background. This is underlined in the EU Pact for R&I, which sets gender equality and equal opportunities for all as one of its core principles.

To promote diversity in R&I and open its gender policy to intersections with other social characteristics, such as ethnicity, disability and sexual orientation, the European Commission supports the development of inclusive gender equality plans (GEPs) and policies, in line with the 2020 Communication on the new European Research Area (ERA) and ERA Policy Agenda 2022-2024.

As part of these efforts, this report presents emerging practices and policies at EU and national levels to support the inclusion and equal opportunity of students, researchers and staff from diverse backgrounds in European R&I systems.

The report can be downloaded from this Webpage.