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27 July 2022Bilbao Campus

Orkestra collaborates in the European project Uplift, giving the young people of Barakaldo the opportunity to explore different aspects of housing and emancipation.


Barakaldo Town Council presented the results of the participatory process conducted with young people of the municipality, policymakers and researchers in the frame of the UPLIFT project. The event was attended by the Mayoress, Amaia Del Campo, the Councillor for Youth, Jonathan Martín, and Usue Lorenz from Orkestra. 


The results of the process are initiatives that aim to improve youth housing inequalities in the city and the results are co-created together with youth. The experiences of youngsters, policymakers and researchers in the process can be seen in this video, where all the participants talk about what has the process brought to them. 

UPLIFT so far, has analysed the cases of 16 cities in Europe and the United Kingdom, including Barakaldo (Bizkaia) as the only municipality to be studied in the Basque Country and the rest of Spain, in order to gain a deeper understanding of the inequalities affecting young people. The 16 urban reports are available at the UpLift project and also here

Regarding the co-creation process, the Orkestra researchers have designed two working spaces for listening and decision making, which have been interspersed in a first phase to converge at the end of the process: The Youth Board, dynamic and trusting meetings where young people have been able to express their concerns and doubts; and the Social Lab sessions, in which two young people from the Youth Board have shared their doubts and contributions with the councillors who have participated. Orkestra has been the link between young people and public decision-makers.