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16 June 2022Bilbao Campus

DEUSTO awards Atelier research project for their positive impact and social transformation

 As part of the sixth edition of the Deusto Research Social Impact Seal, Deusto has recognised the work of 8 new projects for their positive impact and social transformation. Among these, the Atelier projects from the Faculty of Engineering. This research project is linked to the Interdisciplinary Research Platform on Strengthening Participation.

 ATELIER - Amsterdam Bilbao citizen driven smart cities.

Researchers: Cristina Martín Andonegui, Cruz Enrique Borges, Ainhoa Alonso Vicario, Laura Balsega Pascual, Olga Benítez Rodríguez, Xabier Cantero López, Tony Castillo Calzadilla, Pablo Fernández Muga, Virginia Gómez Sierra, Oihane Kamara Esteban, Naia Merino Gómez, Deitze Otaduy Del Paso, Itziar Salaberria Larrauri, Garbiñe Zabala Armendariz, Kristina Zabala Berriozabal.

The project analyses the urban transformation centred on citizens as the driving force to move towards a new energy model for the city in which renewable generation is supported, new management strategies are enabled and numerous intelligent tools are deployed to encourage citizen participation.

Each of the projects have demonstrated their potential social impact in line with the Sustainable Development Goals, European policy priorities and/or the Basque government's RIS3 strategy. In turn, they have collaborated with non-academic agents such as municipalities, companies and non-profit organisations, providing answers that go beyond scientific progress in the area of knowledge and giving evidence of adoption, use and exploitation of the results by relevant external agents and of dissemination and valuation of the results in the target group.

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