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14 January 2022Bilbao Campus

H2020 SOCIO-BEE encourages citizens to actively fight against climate change

 The H2020 SOCIO-BEE project aims to encourage citizens to take an active role in the fight against climate change through citizen science using disruptive technologies such as drones and wearables articulated by a framework called AcadeMe. More specifically, SOCIO-BEE aims to involve different segments of citizens (young people under 16 years of age, older adults over 65 years, and people who commute by car or through public transport in large cities or suburbs) in different scientific endeavors: (i) identifying environmental issues related to air quality; (ii) raising informed hypotheses or "what-if" scenarios for mitigating or reducing emissions of air pollutants; (iii) designing collective interventions or experiments that help to prove if the hypotheses hold or are wrong; (iv) collecting information and data to support the hypotheses through disruptive technologies involving as many people as possible from the aforementioned segments; (v) analyzing and visualizing the information obtained from various data sources; and (vi) communicating the results to raise public awareness, stimulate behavioral change and create new public policies for environmental protection.

In SOCIO-BEE, Deusto will collaborate in the creation of citizen science hives, where citizens’ may play different roles. Such hives will collaborate in activities against climate change. These roles will enable the creation of new pro-environmental activities while increasing their awareness, promoting a change in citizens' behaviors. Furthermore, Deusto will collaborate in the creation of the different scenarios, in the analysis of the information obtained, and in the dissemination of the different academic results obtained in the process of this project.

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