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Social Justice and Inclusion Platform

Research Units

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Comunicación Communication

The team analyses the challenges posed by the communication society: from the arrival of new communication technologies and their impact, to the incorporation of new communication strategies in different institutions. It focuses on media discourse analysis, assessing gender, identity and political change issues, predicting new social gaps and developing our capacity to act with critical awareness. 

Social valuesDeusto Social Values

The research team focuses on the connections between values, equality, society, democracy, welfare and social policy. It addresses transversal variables, such as family, work, politics, identities, tolerance.



The team aims to improve education by promoting excellence in educational research with high scientific, political and social impact. It intends to advance in educational knowledge, particularly teaching and learning processes, educational management models and phenomena in historical and theoretical perspective whilst addressing students’ educational needs and current societal challenges.

Ethics Applied to Social RealityEthics Applied to Social Reality

Based on its strong experience in studying different social realities from an ethical perspective, the team’s research focuses on two areas: i) Development and Social Transformation and ii) Conflicts and Cultures of Peace


Logo DeustoIntervention: Quality of Life and Social Inclusion

This research team works with persons and groups in their environments to improve their quality of life, well being and social inclusion.



Sociocultural Challenges and Human Rights in a Changing WorldSociocultural Challenges and Human Rights in a Changing World

The group is made of researchers from different disciplines of social sciences (including legal, political and human sciences). Its main research areas are related to international migration, integration and social cohesion; human rights, cultural diversity and identities; human rights, conflicts and humanitarian action; research method in human rights.

Social development, economy and innovation for peopleSocial development, economy and innovation for people

The team focuses on social economy and solidarity organisations such as cooperatives, employee-owned companies, insertion companies, social businesses and others. Particular emphasis is placed on their particular features, values, operating principles and the positive economic, social and environmental effects.

Logo DeustoThe Mutation of Public Power and Transnational Law

The aim of the research team is to analyse society vs. globalisation and the legal implications of this analysis. It addresses economic globalisation, business and markets.